Montana Public Safety Agencies Can Now Use Secure Cloud for Data Sharing Solutions

Fort Benton Montana

Fort Benton Police Department leading the way with new, high-tech tool to fight crime

Montana public safety agencies can now reap the benefits of using a cloud environment for criminal justice information sharing, and do so free of security concerns. The Montana Department of Justice (MDOJ) recently reached a Memorandum of Understanding (MOU) with the Datamaxx Group (Datamaxx) to allow all Montana public safety agencies to utilize the Datamaxx Secure Cloud. Datamaxx Secure Cloud Solutions provide direct access to private law enforcement networks and homeland security information sources via the industry’s first and only FBI- and Nlets-audited cloud.

Leading the way in the state of Montana is the Fort Benton Police Department. In December, 2011, the Department began subscribing to and using the Datamaxx Omnixx Force Mobile solution – a state-of-the-art law enforcement mobile data solution that enables officers to access mission critical data and perform daily duties wirelessly from the law enforcement vehicle. Omnixx Force Mobile is part of the Omnixx Mobility Suite, currently the most-widely used law enforcement mobile data client on the market today which includes agencies such as the New York City Police Department, the North Carolina State Highway Patrol and the Ohio MARCS and Department of Natural Resources.

“We turned to Datamaxx and the Omnixx Force Mobile Solution in the Secure Cloud because we were not only looking to improve officer safety and our investigative processes, but we needed to save valuable time and resources,” said Fort Benton, MT, Chief John Turner. “The cloud environment offered by Datamaxx has resulted in an affordable solution with quick access, excellent reliability and fantastic technical support.”

In today’s economic climate, public safety agencies such as the Fort Benton Police Department are no longer immune from budget constraints. Using a cloud-based environment removes the need for expensive up-front investments and the typical costs associated with on-premise solutions.  Agencies do not have to worry about the storage and staffing to keep mission critical applications and communications functioning. In addition, cloud technology is subscription-based, taking the load off of capital budgets and in the end, saving money.

In addition to being affordable, cloud solutions are easily deployed and maintained. Instead of installing a suite of software for each device, agencies only have to load one application, and required updates are automated and handled through the Secure Cloud. And adding to the ease of deployment, Montana agencies now can move to the Datamaxx Secure Cloud free of administrative hurdles. “The Memorandum of Understanding reached between MDOJ and Datamaxx means Montana agencies can easily move to the Secure Cloud without having to jump through any administrative hoops, which have already been managed by Datamaxx,” said Tommy Ellis, Datamaxx Regional Consultant. “Agencies simply have to contact us to begin using our Secure Cloud solutions.”

Additionally, public safety agencies can take advantage of the cloud benefits without security concerns. The Datamaxx Secure Cloud is located within the only Nlets and FBI CJIS-audited facility that meets FBI CJIS Security Policy requirements such as FIPS 140-2 and Advanced Authentication. The Datamaxx Secure Cloud is based in the state-of-the-art Datamaxx Network Operations Center (NOC).  The Datamaxx NOC has been carefully designed to meet stringent FBI CJIS Security Policy requirements by housing sensitive hardware and software in a biometrically access controlled area, powered by redundant uninterruptible power supplies and protected by first-rate fire suppression systems.

About Datamaxx

Datamaxx Group, headquartered in Tallahassee,Fla., is the premier provider of advanced communications, applications, enterprise intelligence solutions, consulting and professional services to law enforcement, criminal justice, public safety and homeland security agencies.

Datamaxx is a privately held, Florida-certified and woman-owned enterprise serving over 70 percent of the law enforcement communications market with more than 500,000 end users in North America, Canada, Guam andPuerto Rico. Datamaxx customers consist of local, state and federal agencies including the U.S. Coast Guard, U. S. Office of Personnel Management, U. S. Department of State, Royal Canadian Mounted Police, City of Miami Police Department and the New York City Police Department.

About Omnixx

With the introduction of Omnixx, Datamaxx sparked a revolution in the law enforcement and public safety industry proving that information access and sharing technology didn’t have to be prohibitively expensive or hard to use. Today, over 500,000 users rely on the Omnixx Suite of products to provide robust, cost-effective solutions to access, collect, share, and analyze information. The Omnixx Enterprise Platform transcends products currently on the market by offering agencies one single platform in which they can operate any client – from desktop, web, mobile, and handheld clients to clientless functionality that supports any message capable device. Omnixx Enterprise provides all of the tools necessary for agencies to prevent, fight, and analyze crime and terrorism.

To learn more about Datamaxx Group, Inc. and Omnixx, email or visit

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