Patriot Day 2018


To Our Valued Customers and All Those Who Protect & Serve

Today is seventeen years since the tragedy of 9/11, now known as Patriot Day. Many of you remember, as I do, where you were, what you were doing and the horror reported across television screens. That day is a constant reminder we must remain vigilant to secure the safety of our communities…and to never forget!

9/11 and more recent tragedies, make the mission of Datamaxx even more important. Doing our part to make this country safer is our passion and the driving force behind what we do and why we come to work every day. Our work can be challenging, while at the same time so very rewarding when we experience the results of what we have accomplished to support those who risk their lives at work every day. Our motto remains stronger than ever as we never, never, never give up!

Today and everyday let us come together to celebrate and honor the commitment and dedication of those who “protect & serve”.

These men and women deserve nothing less–God Bless!

Kay Stephenson – Datamaxx CEO